Monday, February 14, 2011

My "New" Son

As a mother, you want so much for your child(ren). Sure I want him to make good grades, be a great friend, grow up to be a great husband and father. But more than any of these things I have prayed that he would choose to follow Jesus Christ. I have faith that if he does this, then all of these other successful things will fall into place. We have always talked about Jesus and answer tons of serious, as well as very silly questions. I knew that he would make his decision when he was ready. When it became time for us to join the church, as you can see in a previous post, Caden chose to ask Jesus to live in his heart. The preacher immediately asked us to set up a date for his baptism. Well, although I knew Caden made his decision on his own, I wanted to make sure that he fully understood what was going on. After all, he is only seven years old. We had a few others that were scheduled to be baptized on a particular Sunday, Caden assured me that he was ready. So, we invited our family and friends and it was THE BEST DAY I have ever experienced. When I saw my baby up there, my heart was so proud and I had the biggest tears ready to pour out. Then, our preacher, Brother Max, picked him up and set him in the middle. As he picked him up, Caden began holding his breath and it was so funny!! It definately lightened the mood from how serious I had been feeling. Then, he dunked him in the water and out came my "new " son! Our service that day was about how you can be baptized spiritually and you can just be baptized in the water. If you are only baptized in the water, but not spiritually then its like you weren't baptized at all. A lot of visitors were there and I hope that they enjoyed the message as much as we did.
This is when he was holding his breath!!


Im so proud of this boy!
This is all of my grandmothers children,
 except for my aunt Tina

This is my Dads family except for my brother

This is Nanda, Becca's mom,
and a very close friend of mine!

This was that evening, the Kids Coir
sang a song in our evening service

Caden was not wanting to do the motions!

So the one of the reasons that this is named My New Son, is because we were laying in bed the other night and I told Caden that I missed when he was four. I told him I wanted my sweet little boy back. He replied, "Well after I was baptized, I left your old son in the water so I will have to go back and get him for you!"
He kills me!!

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