Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Derby Racing

The RAs group at our church have been building pinewood derby cars for a few months now. They worked so hard on their little cars and on Friday it was time for them to all show off their masterpieces! We had the 2nd annual Pinewood Derby Race and invited little boys from all over town to come and join in on their fun. The other boys were able to rent cars from the previous years for a small donation. The RAs are trying to raise money for the camp this summer. We served hot dogs, sandwiches, chips, and drinks at a "Pit Stop Cafe". After the race, they had a "lock-in" and the boys were spending the whole night at the church. I only let Caden stay until 10:30, because he had baseball tryouts the next morning. I thought that was pretty late for my seven year old! Caden has loved this entire experience! He had the car in the bed with us that night and said, "Good night, Derby!" I laughed to myself! On Monday, I let him take his car to school and share it with his class. He was a proud little boy, which of course makes me a proud mommy!
Here are all of the derby cars,
arent they just precious?!

Caden's is the blue with the red stripe!

Where we served the dinner

Me and Kaylan in the kitchen

This was my work station,
Renting out the cars!

Layne, with his rental car

A few boys registering

Caden with a few friends

the RAs saying the pledge

First race for Caden was against his bestie, Kayden Johnson

The Winners!

Look how excited little Eli was!

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