Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

I am trying to fit most of our Christmas activities in to one post, sadly many are getting left out!!Christmas was very busy for us this year! But I wouldnt have changed it for a thing, we are so very blessed with lots of family! As everyone already knows, it snowed on Christmas this year! It was amazing to look out the window during our Christmas dinner(s) and watch the pretty snow fall. The kids do not realize how lucky they are to have experienced that this year! Let me start by showing you the gorgeous Christmas pictures of my babies this year! No, they aren't brother and sister, but I like to act like they are!!
The best cousins

Caden and Santa

Pretty Palyn

Before the Christmas Children's program at church

At my stepmoms family Christmas,
we had to make hats from giftwrapping!

Caden Christmas Morning
We had to have Santa come to my moms house due to our break- in the week before

Palyn with the piggy bank we got for her
It was so cute!

my dads and uncle stockings from when they were boys! they always got switches and my uncle randy would always put them in my dads, so this year my dad put his in randys!

Caden opening some gifts!

Playing a little in the snow!

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