Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our elf, Jingle

This past Christmas was our first year to have the "Elf on a Shelf". He isnt really the one that is supposed to be michevious. That would be the "Magic Elf". However, our Jingle was a silly little elf! Santa sent Jingle to watch over Caden in the weeks before Christmas. He came with a book that told us all about him. It told us to give him a name and that he would be flying back to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve. We also had strict instructions to never touch him. We woke up everyday to find him in a new spot and in the middle of an activity. Caden loved Jingle, and it may be asking a little much but I reallly hope we can enjoy at least one more year of believing in our elf! His faces every morning were PRICELESS!!

When we discovered Jingle

Found Jingle playing Candyland with
Batman, Ironman, and Darth Vader

Found Jingle upside down in
Caden's stocking

Had a late night of watching Christmas movies
and eating popcorn with his buds

in my Santa boots

Left Caden a Christmas message
 on the mirror with lipsick

Reading Caden's Devotion

Found him behind the wheel of my car

He had been out on a joyride
and parked crooked!

in Cadens Legos

Caden whispering to Jingle

If you dont have an elf at your house at Christmas, please try to get one this year!!
In this one year weve had Jingle, weve already created a lot of wonderful memories!!

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