Monday, February 7, 2011

Monster Jam

I have always wanted to take Caden to the Monster Jam. You know, to see all the Monster trucks!! Well after hearing that they were coming, I had to make it happen this year! We were going with some friends, but didn't tell the kids until we got there. They were very excited when they realized what they were about to see! They were peeking in the doors of the BJCC and saw all of the merchandise, when they figured out the surprise! It was a great show, actually my first as well. We made sure to take the ear plugs and the fumes ended up not being too bad from our seats. Of course everyone's favorite is usually Gravedigger, however, he was actually beat in a race by Maximum Destruction. Gravedigger did end up winning the overall though, because of his freestyle show! All of the trucks were very interesting, They had names like Reptoid, Bad News Travels Fast, Intrepid, and Ninja Turtle just to name a few. One of the trucks actually flipped over. We were glad to know that he was ok and had minor damages to his truck. The drivers seemed very nice during the times that they were able to speak to the crowd.
Right After the boys figured out where we were!

Monster Jam Sno Cones!

Ready for the trucks to come out!

Tribute to the Military,
which I am always a fan of!

Some of the Monster trucks

Most of the trucks did this

This was the truck that beat Gravedigger in the race.
Showed Caden that Gravedigger might be the coolest,
however he wasn't the fastest today!

Most famous, Gravedigger

They had a great motorcross show as well.
My cousin David used to race motorcross, It was awesome!

Me and my best man!

The truck that flipped over, glad he was ok!

The Ninja Turtle truck!
(This one is for you Becca Baby!)

Gravedigger's winning number!

Caden was so pumped after the show that when we were in Target, he searched the toy Monster trucks for one of the trucks that were at the show. With no luck we then tried Wal Mart and had to settle for the Superman truck. He has mentioned having a Monster Truck birthday party this year. We shall see if he still wants that to be the theme later in the year.  If you ever have the chance to take your littles to a Monster Jam, I suggest you do! It was a great experience and we made wonderful memories!


Rebecca Caviness said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love the ninja turtle truck, I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was already going to comment and say that my pick would've been the ninja truck and then when I saw the pic of it...OH MY GOODNESS!!! I want it!!! So glad yall had fun, I want to go!!! :)

Brittany said...

haha i knew youd love it!!