Monday, February 7, 2011

Toomer's Corner

If you are an Auburn fan, then you already know about Toomer's Corner. If you are not an Auburn fan, well first of all, I am so sorry! Here is a little background on Toomer's Corner.

Toomer’s Corner, the historic place where the Auburn University campus meets the city of Auburn, has long been the gathering place for Auburn athletic celebrations. After significant victories in sports, Auburn students and citizens alike join forces to “roll” the trees (and anything else that doesn’t move, and sometimes things that do) at Toomer’s Corner with toilet tissue. Celebrations can go on for hours and leave the heart of town looking as though a blizzard passed through. The exact date of when the tradition began is not known. However, some locals believe it was probably in 1962 or 1963, and it must be experienced to be believed.

As everyone knows, Auburn won the National Championship this year!! We were not at the game, therefore we went with a few friends to Auburn the next day to let the kids experience rolling Toomer's Corner after our team won the national championship. It was freezing cold and we were all bundled up! The entire town beamed with excitement! After letting the kids roll a little, we went to get our newest and best yet t-shirts! Last, we had Five Guys Burgers and Fries then headed home on our 2 hour drive from the plains. I hope next year we are in a better position to go to more games than we were this year, because we love those Auburn Tigers!

Bricen stocked up on the National Championship toilet tissue!

The Roll to Remember!

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