Monday, February 28, 2011

It's almost that time again

Baseball time of course! Who does not love a ballfield?! I know I do! I love the atmosphere; all of the excitement, the energy, the kids running around everywhere, and of course, watching your baby on the field! Just one problem though...Caden isn't such a big fan. He played when he was 4 and 5, we played with two other programs and didn't have such great experience. Caden was definately the kid playing in the grass in the outfield. He trotted the bases, and didn't care too much when he got out. He was so little too though. I was always worried that if we took a break, and then he decided later that he did want to play again, it might be too late. As in, he would be on the bench the whole game or something. When he told me he didn't want to play last year, I was fine with it. I wasn't going to push him causing him and I both to be miserable. (not to mention his teammates!) Much to my surprise, he did actually ask me to play this year. When he assured me that he still wanted to play as sign ups approached, I was both a little excited and nervous!

We bought our cleats and glove for this year and had our "try outs". We have been placed on a team, The Rays, and I think we will be very pleased! I hope that this year goes well and Caden learns many great skills. Most of all, I hope he has fun and makes great memories with new little buds!If he doesn't have fun, then I guess I can give up on him loving baseball and well move on to something else! Wish us luck!

4 yrs old
5 yrs old

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