Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Little Lovies!

Caden started a trend last Valentines Day that I hope only last him through his elementary years. That trend that may be known by many men out there,(sad to say)  is having 2 Valentines! I mean look at him, does it really surprise you?! He is so handsome!

We had our classroom Valentine party on Friday, Im guessing the teachers had rather the party be at the end of the week. So we made our goody bags, filled out our Valentine cards (which cost us a trip to Target because apparently Wal Marts werent cool enough), and bought his gifts for his "little lovies"!

His two girlfriends gifts

His friend, Kaitlyn
We love her!

Coloring his Vday Worksheet

Two other friends from class,
Dakyla and Morgan

Passing out his goody bags to his classmates

#1 girl...Karlee
She replied in her soft voice,
"Thank you Caden!"

#2 girl, Amanda
She looked at it and looked at him. I told him to tell her Happy Vday, so he told her. Then she said "thanks" and walked back in the room! She was completely caught offguard! So cute and shy!

His first grade class

He and I spent our Valentines Night together and he helped decorate these cupcakes for the party at my apartment complex.

He had a visit from Karlee, and she brought him this huge monkey! It slept with us last night, however ended up in the floor by morning!

Guess his mommy is all he needs to snuggle with!

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