Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Revealing Baby Gardner

My friends Crystal and Drew had a "Reveal Party" last week to tell everyone the sex of their new baby. All of their closest family and friends that could make it met at their house to hear the news! More than half of everyone they had asked guessed a boy. I didnt really know what I thought they were having, but I wanted them to have a boy. 2 reasons- Drew is an outdoorsy guy, so I thought he needed a little hunting/ fishing buddy! Another reason is that out of all of our friends from high school, I was still the only one that had the boy! Deborah, Erica, Lindsay, and Becca all had little girls! Wonder if they could send me some of what they drank next time! Just kidding! We are excited to finally have another little boy to squeeze on, since Caden's acting too big for that now!

They let Drew's little cousin Samantha open a wrapped box that had a balloon inside.

Everyone was anxious to know what it would be!

Yay! A boy that will be named, Thomas Coleman Gardner!

Norah Belle, Becca, and me

I could not keep that dress in the right place! too low or too high! ha! Here it was obviously too high, now I am thinking that you probably wouldnt have noticed if I didnt point it out! Oh well!

Caden and Samantha

Crystal and her Pops, Thomas Coleman

Drew also had the name Coleman in his family.

Julie checking out the sonogram, there was no denying that he was a boy!

I spent a lot of time at Crystals when we were little and her grandfather was always around and we just love him to pieces! I loved seeing Caden spend a little time with him.

The happy grandmothers!

Look who made it there! My sweet love!

Back when I was pregnant with Caden, no one really had reveal parties. However, my mom thought it would be fun to do this.....Before finding out, I picked out a boy gift and a girl gift. When we went to have the sonogram, I had to turn my head and the lady showed my mom that he was a boy. All of our family and friends then met us at a local pizza place, and in front of everyone I un-wrapped the gift to find the blue gift that I had picked out earlier. I had no idea what to do with a little boy. Fear came over me immediately, and a little still remains! I am positive that as long as I remain faithful, God will continue showing/ carrying me each step, one day at a time. That is all I know about raising a little boy!

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