Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday- Bridesmaids Luncheon

On the Thursday before our wedding, my bridal party minus a few, met up at the local nail salon to get our mani's/pedi's for the big day! The salon opened up 30 min early for us, and we had the place to ourselves!

Emmie and Lacey were also there!

One of my great friends, Skye and her mom hosted my Bridesmaids luncheon for me that day as well! It was so sweet of them to take that extra time out for me and my bridal party. The food was by Lynn Edwards, who also catered our wedding, and was soo soo wonderful!!

Becca, Calan, and me

Julie, Kiki, and Lacey

Crystal and Emmie

Connie and Gale
My mom and Shane's step mom were not able to make it.
Two of my grandmother's were also there.
Each girl was given a robe with their initial, a pair of pj pants to wear the night before wedding, and a little baggie of MK samples to try for the wedding. They were also given a dvd of "Bridesmaids" at Christmas time.

Excitment was in the air! We were all so excited about the events to following in the next few days!!

We missed my friend Holly and my sister Ryan!

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