Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's Get it Started

This Saturday, we had our opening day at the ballfield. First, we started off extremely early, about 7:30AM, taking pictures with one of our town's favorite photographers. They are going to turn out super cute, because she caught the bat on fire! After pictures, we had opening ceremonies. The day was honoring a gentleman that helped with the Sylacauga Little League for 38 years. Mr. Richard A. Wingard, as it was told, spent a lot of time with the boys of his days and instilled values in them as well. It was very obvious that he meant a lot to many in this town. He is actually having health issues now, and when that gave him the microphone and spoke a few words. “I thank all of you,” he said. “I love every one of you little leaguers... I just wanted the right direction for you. I thank you for everything.”  I do not think there was one arm without chills or one eye without tears. It was very touching. All of the league will be wearing RAW patches on their sleeves this year to honor him. He also received a commendation from the governor stating that in Alabama, March 26 would now be Richard A. Wingard day. How awesome?! I grew up in Childersburg, not Sylacauga, and Im sure both towns have their own mentors that everyone loves and honors. Its times like these that make me not want to leave the small town life.
We had a small break before our 12:00 game. Then it was time to PLAY BALL! I have told you in a previous post that Caden is not crazy about baseball, at all. But, I was very proud of him for trying! Our team won 11-2. I was very proud of our boys, not only for playing a great game and giving their all, but the didn't join the other team with the trash talk. Way to keep your class at 6 &7 years old boys! I am also very thankful for the coaches we have. Everytime I turn around at practice and the game, they are helping one of the boys. I know that's what they are there for, however, we have never had that on our other teams! Its about time! Looking forward to many more great games!
Bat on fire!

Team Picture!

Getting ready for opening ceremonies

Mr. Richard A Wingard

Batter up!

Its killing him to pretend hes paying attention


ended up being a foul ball :(

Strike out, that's ok man!

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