Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pajama Party

Once I went to blog about our latest Bunko night, I realized I never got around to posting our last one! We had a pajama themed Bunko night at Jennifer's house. We obviously all dressed in our sleep attire and best of all had breakfast food! It was delicious! It made for a comfortable night of fun with our best bunko babes! Emmie took home the big money and she was so very excited because she hasn't won at all since we started this group a year ago! (Neither have I!) Like I said, we have now been playing for one year with this great group of girls! I feel so blessed to have so many great friends that I know I can get out with and have a good time once a month! Love you girls!

Ashly made this cake and she was so proud! It was so cute and good as well!
She was hilarious because anytime someone mentioned a party or shower, she would immediately ask, "who is doing the cake?"

Julie, Me, and Jala

Ashly, Jenn V., Emmie, and Keisha

Crystal, Cody, Jenn G, Lindsey

Crazy Brooke and Jala

All of our girls, missing Brittannie

At the end of the night, Sweet Braylen Kate came in to join the fun!

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