Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Brother

NO! Caden isn't having a baby brother, or sister for that matter so let me clear that up before the talking begins! I have to back my blog on up for a bit, since I have officially given myself the title of the "worst blogger ever"!
So the next few post will be from the highlights, or BEST DAYS, of the past few weeks!

My baby brother isn't such a baby anymore. We just celebrated his 19th birthday in Feburary. I always remember my brother being so sweet, very quite, crazy smart, but out of everything I most remember his adoration for me. I am not sure why, I was only at my Dads every other weekend. And as bad as I hate to admit it, I never spent much time with any of them. I can still never remember a time when he has ever been mad at me or aggrevated with me. I would not be surprised, however, if he was dissappointed in me a few times. If I could take it back, I would definately take the time to let my brother (and sister, Calan) know how much I have always loved and adored them too. I could say all of these same things about my sweet little sister Calan as well.
I gave my Dad a call to find out the plans for Thomas' birthday. Turns out he was going bowling with friends, but Dad and Connie were joining them after dinner. So Caden and I tagged along and had dinner with Dad and Connie at Wings before meeting Thomas and quite a few of his friends. I thought about getting Caden his own game, but on a Sat night it was very busy. Thomas and his friends not only let Caden bowl with them, but they had the bumpers put up to make it easier for him! I thought that was very nice of them!

This was actually Caden's first time bowling since he was about four. To say the least, he loooved it! He would focus very hard, and when he turned around, you would either see a face of dissappointment or huge eyes and a smile with excitement all over it! I love nothing more than to see him in that state! At one point, Caden was beating one of the friends and he thought it was the best! Thank you Thomas and friends for letting us tag along! We love you!
I forgot to mention that Thomas
wouldn't take a straight picture all night!

Calan and Caden

Silly face Thomas, Calan, and I

Someone did this to his car while we were inside!

How could I almost forget to enlighten you with this!?
We noticed when Caden was about three how much he resembled Thomas at that age! And although they're personalities are wayy different at this age, they also enjoy the same things. Legos, Knex, Toy Story, video games, Cub scouts, etc. kinda funny! Check out these photos of my
"Baby Brother"!

Can you see a little Caden in these?

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