Wednesday, March 23, 2011

His Plan for Me

Let's just start by saying, I have always had a heart for children. I became a mom at seventeen, and I have put all of me into doing just that every day since. But my love goes further than for just my sweet boy. I adore all of the kids I come in contact with. The kids at the school, kids at church, kids at the apartments we live in, friends of Caden, even kids I just pass in the grocery store! Sure everyone likes them and cares for them, but this is something strong, as in, I would adopt any of them if need be! I didn't realize that this was a gift until Caden was in a daycare and I would spend a lot of time volunteering. During that time, my love for those kids grew strongly. It broke my heart to think that the love I gave those children might be the only love and attention they received. I have kept the same outlook every since. Realizing this, made me want to pursue a career in teaching, preferably kindergarten. And while I still really hope that is in the cards for me, I have 3 years of school to be able to do that. I do understand that single parents go to school and work full time and do well with it. But there is no way I could manage to continue the hands on realtionship I have with Caden at the same time, and that's not something I am not willing to sacrifice. Please don't tell my DeeDee that, for everytime we get off the phone, she always reminds me that I can't do or have anything in this world without an education. I do have plans to go back, just not right now.
With all of that being said, I have looked for other ways to share my love for these children. I spend a lot of extra time at the school and I have monthly tenant parties at the apartment complex. Most importantly, I have looked for and prayed about my leadership in children ministries. What's more important than teaching them how to read and write? Of course, the love that Jesus has for them! I have been building my relationship with God more than I ever have in the past 6 months; and I have felt Him slowly but surely leading me in the direction He wants. I have jumped on any opportunity to help with the children's ministry in our church and I have enjoyed it so much so far. I am feeling like there is something more I am called for one day than just the local  ministries, but I plan to start here and see where it leads me. I believe a child is a child no matter where they live, what color they are, and what background they come from. Therefore, children in Africa need to hear about Jesus equally as much as children in Childersburg and Sylacauga. I had my first children's church the week of Valentine's Day. We have six of us that will rotate. So I will only have it once every six weeks, but it was so much fun! I would definately do it every week if it didn't mean I would have to miss our service. Our church was looking for a new VBS leader this year, and I am not going to lie, it was so hard not to volunteer for the position! But I knew that I had enough on my plate already with the new job and all. I have told our preacher's wife, who thankfully took the position, that I would be more than happy to help in any and every way I can. I am very excited about it!
A lot of this calling has been coming from our services the past few weeks. They have all had to do with finding God's use for you. I have never in my life imagined myself as a missionary in another country. I have always felt like I didn't know enough, or wouldn't know what to say or do,or wouldn't have the funds. But I have had the desire recently to work my way up to that. I want to make that my ultimate goal.
I shared this desire with Bro. Max this week, and he informed me of the mission trip that our church would be taking to a Hispanic church in Mississippi this summer. We would spend a week there and provide their children with a VBS. I REALLY WANT TO GO! There are a lot of factors that could keep me from being able to go. First of all, Caden would have to stay with someone for a week. Secondly, I would have to miss a week of work, not cool when I just started in Jan. Lastly, would be money, the transportation and hotel would be provided so it would basically just be the meals that would need to be paid for. None of these things are bigger than God though, so if you would just please keep me in your prayers that there will be a way for these few things to work themselves out so that I will be able to experience this! Wow this was a long post, probably the longest ever! But, I'm sure you feel like you may know me and my heart a little better! Here are a few pictures from my first Children's church!

Cant wait until next time!

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