Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Egg-cited for Easter

TaTa sent Palyn over with an Easter egg tree. When Caden was getting ready for bed, I pulled it out and let her start putting her eggs on the branches. She loved it! She carefully put each egg on and then reached for the next. Her concentration was just precious! With only two eggs left, Caden comes running in and grabs one up for a turn. She went off on him! She was yelling and stomping and pitching a little fit and when he tried to give it back, she turned around and caused the whole tree to fall over. Half of her little eggs landed in the floor, and she was not happy. She calmed down as soon as we began to put them back on again. Now this pretty little piece sits on my dining room table awaiting this Easter and reminding me of our "sweet" girl!

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