Monday, March 28, 2011

Tasty Tasty

As mentioned in the "Derby Racing" post, the RAs at our church are trying to raise money to send the boys to RA camp this summer. Aside from the race, we also planned to have a "Tasty Auction" and a "Spring Banquet". The Tasty Auction included tons of dessert goodies baked by our church members that were auctioned off after an evening service. Yummy finger foods were out for everyone to enjoy. We had a real auctioneer, which created an awesome atmosphere and made it so very fun! You should have seen the boys faces when they first heard him talking so fast, they thought it was hilarious! I was in charge of writing down the bids, and it got very confusing due to the fast pace! This auction was very successful! Actually, it was successful enough that we have cancelled the Spring Banquet. Every boy that wants to go to RA camp can only paying $20!! Once again, I am so grateful to have a great church family that have truly shown their support to their little ones. I was so busy writing everything down that I only had time to snap one picture!
#1 check out thouse silly faces!
#2 please look over the uneven table cloth!
No way to keep anything straight with this bunch of boys!

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