Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not such a "Best Day"

If you knew Caden as a "younger" boy, then you know that he was willing to do anything to make anyone laugh. And if someone laughed at him, he didn't care if he was going to get in trouble, he continued. He wanted the attention anywhere, anytime, or any place.  Well that's not the case anymore. If someone laughs at him for any reason, he assumes you are making fun of him. He gets very angry, and that's putting it nicely. It has been a huge adjustment. Now I am going to tell you a story, but do not think I am or ever have been a careless mom that didn't watch out for her child.  I have always had my finger on him, however he still sneaks his little butt away just as many other mischievous boys do.
I had a gentleman come in my office the other day to deliver office supplies. He asked if I used to live at a certain apartment complex a few years ago, I told him yes. Then he asked if I had that cute little curly headed boy. I confirmed and he continued to tell me that he has always wanted to tell me this in town, but I might think he is crazy. He said that one day when Caden was about four, he was driving through the apartment complex about 8AM and he saw Caden butt naked riding his scooter. I said,"no underwear or anything?" he said, "nothing!" He said he stopped and said to Caden, "Hey little man, don't you think you might need to go put some clothes on?" According to him, Caden stopped, looked at him, dropped his scooter, and ran back in the house. Now especially if you know Caden, with his big brown eyes, you are probably rolling right now! The worst part is, he probably crawled back in bed with his late night working mom and I never knew he was outside, naked!
So after this man told me this story, I had to tell my mom that night. Caden was in the car with me and got super angry when he heard this. He was yelling in tears. I tried to calm him down, taking mental notes to never talk about him again in his presence. A few weeks later, I was cleaning his room and found a letter in Caden's handwriting that read,
"Dear Brittany, I was just kidding about your son being naked on that scooter" (signed) The man that told you"
I laughed and never brought it up.  A few weeks pass and this afternoon I picked him up from the boy's club and he has this awful attitude with me immediately. I asked what was wrong and he yelled, "You shouldn't have listened to that man when he told you about me being naked on that scooter" I thought, "Myyyy heavens, seriously? He was upset over this AGAIN?" He ends up in a lot of trouble for his attitude and tone with me that he had for about an hour. After his spanking, he still laid in the floor crying and whining.

Look familiar to anyone?!

(At this point were over at my office) After ignoring him awhile he gets up and goes into my office to draw. Then he gives me this letter.

It reads,

From: Caden
To: Mother (he never calls me that!)
Sorry. Just........never make fun of me again or I want a new mom!

Love you!!!!!!!!!

Then he gives me a hug. I guess this was his apology. I told him that I would never want a new son, so I know he would really never want a new mom either. Then told him we were "stuck like glue" and he laughed. Things have been better after that, (the past 3 hours) Whew, that was rough, and slightly uncalled for! Please let me know that I am not the only one with these "Not so Best Days"!

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Deb said...

Britt....NO...you are not the only one. Jenny packed her bags and ran away one time....but she stopped at the end of the driveway..thank God! Both of my children stated they wanted a new Mommy. It's just part of being a Mommy.
I hope I didn't hurt Caden Sunday when I laughed at what he said. Just couldn't help it when I said.."I bet you had a 'ball' on the beach." and he replied..."No...but we had a pool" So cute! He is a doll and you are doing a great job as his Mommy. It makes me smile everytime I see you and Caden and it's obvious that you two truly are 'stuck like glue.' :)
Love you,