Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ready to Run?

About a year and a half ago, I told one of my friends, "I want to start doing those runs for causes". I had no idea what they were called, what you had to do to prepare for one, sign up for one, any requirements, how much they cost..and so on. All I knew was that I wanted to do one. Well I kept the interest in the back of my mind, but still never persued it. Well fast forward one year and Childersburg had it's very own 8K, Race to Save the Grist Mill. Many of my friends signed up for it, and began to prepare for it while I stayed busy with Cub Scouts and soccer and everything else that fills the weekends in the fall. Still had the desire, but never the time. Most of girls that participated in this run, kept it up to do a few others. All which I of course, never had time for. I have heard from everyone that they are very addicting and you are in a competition with yourself to beat your last time. They took a break for winter months and I finally joined them in signing up for one in March. I did everything I could to prepare, and as the date approached I got a little nervous, but more excited as well. The day before, we learned of bad weather that is sure to be here the morning of the run. I was so bummed out and went ahead to cancel my sitter for Caden. When I woke up the morning of, it was NOT RAINING. I called Amy and told her how upset I was that I was going to miss for no reason. She said "Come on!" And so at 6:30 on a Saturday morning, I was searching for a sitter! Found one and took off, banana and OJ in hand. Sped all the way to Talladega and thankfully my girls had already regisered me. Leaving the regtration table I ran up to the starting line and fell into the back of the line. I kept my pace and ended up catching up with one of our girls. Everything was going great until someone handed me a cup of water in the middle of the race. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. I took a sip and apparently, it didn't sit well with that banana and OJ I had on the way up. The water felt extrememly thick going down my throught and I immediately felt sick. So sick that I was actually looking for a tree to hide behind!! All that was going through my mind was "where can  I do this, because it's coming!" I slowed it down a little, and eventually felt a little better. Thank you Jesus! I can definately tell you that besides the getting sick, which I hope never happens again, the only other bad part was not knowing how much longer you had. All of my friends have their little watches, I need to get one! I was not too proud of my time, but it wasn't too bad for my first time. I understood after coming through the finish line what the rush is that you hear about so often! There was someone standing there handing out medals to everyone, but I was scared to reach for one thinking they might snatch it back and say, "this isn't for you!" After crackers, orange slices, gatorade, and a few quick pics, (not proud of!)  I headed back to get Caden, feeling bad for springing him on Misha like that. When I am there Amy called and said I should've stayed. Apparently, I got another medal for coming in third in my division (20-24), and won a door prize, which also never happens! I was so upset that I missed out on that because it was two Six Flags tickets! I have been so ready to sign up for the next one, but I have already realized that these spring Saturdays will be spent at the baseball field!

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Living In The Woods said...

Brittany - I love reading your blog. I am a follower:) Hope everything is well!! P.S Caden is such a cutie!