Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Pre Birthday

Its ok that this is two weeks late, right? That's about how long it has taken me to recover from our birthday weekend! Not kidding!! Oh, I should probably inform you that may not know, Caden and I have the same birthday. Wow, busy does not begin to describe it! It all began that Friday, I always take Caden's class cupcakes on his birthday. Since it was on a Saturday this year, I totally forgot about taking them to school until my mind was racing on Thursday night about everything that must get done. I hadn't even asked his teacher's permission! When I took him to school, I was given the go ahead for that afternoon! Whew! Store bought cupcakes it was! Since I dont do character parties, I usually let his class party be a little more cheesy and character-ish. But Wal Mart had no Power Ranger or Pirates of the Caribbean plates and napkins, so football it had to be. He and his class were happy 2nd graders!
Precious boy!

After school, I had to run home to get ready for a dinner with friends to celebrate Julie's and my birthday. Her's was Wednesday. We went to Mt. Fugi, I always wanted to have one of those huge sparklers for my birthday!

I love Julie's face in this!
For the record, that dessert was soo nasty!!

Julie and David

Julie and Me
The birthday girls!

Julie, me, and Emmie
Some of my bests!

Me and Shane!

I have been saying FOREVER that I want a running watch. I even said it that night, because we had a 5k the next morning. Well, I got in the car and guess what this sweet man had for me? You guessed it, he's awesome!!!! I love him so much!!

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