Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Birthday Day!

This is what Caden woke up to on his birthday morning!
Who wakes up at 6AM on their birthday to run a 5k? We do! This time I signed Caden up to do the 1 mile fun run. I figured it was something fun that we could do together! I am so glad I did! I mean, who doesn't need to burn all those calories on their birthday weekend?! I know Caden enjoyed himself too! He rarely tries at anything that he has never done, but he sure tried at this! There were only about 20 kids, but he came in first and I was so glad that he got to feel good about it!

Im laughing at those people because it looks like they are looking at him like, "wow, that kid is fast!". Im sure that wasn't the case, but it is still funny!

Guess I wasnt ready!

All of our little buds!

Good job, Julie!

I was so happy to have Shane there with us! It gave it a completely different vibe having someone waiting on you at the finish line!

We went to have a quick birthday lunch with David and Julie at Chuy's. Ok, there is nothing quick about that place! We froze on the patio because the wind was blowing so hard! And poor Caden was worn out from his busy morning!

checking out the view

My apartment residents were so sweet to throw me a birthday bbq that afternoon. They really wanted it to be a surprise, but they said they had to tell me or they knew I wouldn't be there! I am never home!

Aunt Lisa, Shane, and Mama
Mama was eating it up all weekend that everyone thought she was my sister!

Mama, Palyn, Ryan, and Caden

I had originally planned to stay home and do nothing on Saturday night, because I knew I needed to get everything ready for Caden's party on Sunday. Shane asked me if I could get a sitter so that we could go out together. I was excited about that because we NEVER get alone time. So I got dressed and had no idea where we were going.

But he and some friends had something else in mind! They invited all of my friends over for a joint birthday party with my friend Lacey. Her birthday was on Thursday. How exciting! It was so sweet for them to put this together, and I was so happy to see everyone! I just wasn't able to hang outside with the guys, like a lot of the other girls did. I mean check out what I was wearing...little too cold out there for me! I had a great time chatting inside, but man I was so tired! And on top of that, I felt a cold coming on! ugh!!

Lacey and I
The birthday girls!
Yes, I pretty much share my birthday with my son and two friends! I am generous!

Me and Emmie

Me and Amber

Emmie, Crystal, Me, and Becca
(missing Julie)

Beth, Lacey, Kiki, Me, and Amber

Exhausted!! I was calling my mom at my apartment reminding her of things that I had to get done that night! A mom's job is never done! Not even when out with friends!! Thank you to everyone for making my birthday great!!

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