Monday, October 31, 2011

Class Halloween Party

On Friday, I went to Caden's classroom to join in on the Halloween party fun. His teacher had them each bring one thng to make a "witch's brew". She then told them a silly story and gave each food a silly name, such as bugles being witches fingernails and marshmallows being skeleton's teeth, etc. They then worked together on a graph showing the class's favorites. A couple of other moms and I just sat back and helped pass out the goodies. Every moment this year has been bittersweet knowing that it is our last year in our small town.

Our morning began with a pancake breakfast at Jack's.

Caden was hilarious because there were high school girls dressed up in there and he would make sure that they weren't looking before he smiled at the camera!!

Mrs. Kimber making her "witch's brew"

A little graphing

passing out his goodie bags

Giving her the little happy he got her!
(two bath & body works lotions tied together)

I made green pudding and crushed oreos earlier in the week, then drew faces on clear cups. We passed these out for the class and they thought they were so cool!!

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