Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jedi Caden

At Hollywood Studios, your child can participate in a Jedi training course. First, you must go sign them up when you first arrive at HS. Also, they must be present with you when you register them. They will ask your child a few questions to make sure they are capable of becoming a "real Jedi", like can they stand on a stage without falling off? They will then give you a time to return, and you must not be late!

Caden seemed like he wanted to act shy despite his love for Star Wars. I was hoping that he wouldn't get on stage and just stand there. After all of the trainees gathered in a room, they marched on to their training session in a line. Once there, they received their brown robes and a light saber, and made a pledge. They were given lessons by their Jedi Master on how to master their moves. Soon the Stormtroopers came in followed by Darth Vader. Each child had to use what they learned to defeat the Dark Side. The crowd full of proud Mamas and Daddys cheered loudly as Darth was defeated! I know Caden had a great time up there! He did awesome!

About to train to become a Jedi!

Training with the Jedi Master

Darth Vader arrives

A Stormtrooper with Darth Vader

Gooo Jedi Caden!

Defeat the Dark Side!

Receiving his Diploma!

Way to go CADEN!

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