Monday, October 17, 2011

Flag Football

Caden has been playing flag football for about a month now. It is our town's first year to have the sport and we surprisingly ended up with three full teams!! A lot of us Mamas were not quite ready for our scrony little boys to play regular football. We got on a great team with a lot of friends. On our first game, we played a team with a lot of Caden's little buds from his baseball team. It was so hard not to yell for those boys, I seriously fell in love with his baseball team! At the first game, one of our friends on the other team had an awful accident and hurt his leg. It was so sad, he is now in a wheelchair while his leg is healing. All of us were in such shock, because we thought we were choosing the safer sport for the littles. He and his brother are in Caden's class as well, and they are just precious. We are keeping his healing and comfort in our prayers.

Caden has really had a good time. He says he likes the games, but not the practices! Isnt that with any sport?! He likes to run around with the other boys when he is supposed to be on the bench. He really needs a constantly moving sport!! The weather has been so weird here. I will get out of the car for a game and be so hot, but by the time I sit down and the game starts, it is freezing! We only have a few more games, and we have lost once. Winning teams are so much fun!

Sylacauga Black

Look at his long legs here!!

Playing on the bench

Smiling for camera while in huddle?


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