Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pink Lemonade Stand

With it being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought that having a pink lemonade stand at the apartments would be a great way to raise money. I also wanted to show all of the kids that it is nice to work to give back, since they are always getting. You should all know how festive I am by now. My friends never fail to say, "You're such a mom!" I take absolutely no offense to that! Being as festive as I am, I hit up Pinterest and found amazing sites for printables. I printed them out, bought hobby lobby frames, a pink table cloth, pink pom balls, pink bubbles, and made pink lemonade and pink cupcakes. We passed out pink flyers and advertised on fb. We all dressed up in pink and set up our stand. Sunday from 12-2 was the original time. We waited and waited. a young couple came and went. A step dad and step daughter came and went. Grandmother and grandson came and they went. And aside from the few helpers, that was it. I am not going to lie, after as much work as I put into that stand, leaving Shane hours before I had to, icing cupcakes faster than any have been iced before, after telling all 20 kids to come participate and only 5 came, I was disappointed. The bigger part of me knew better than to be selfish and wonder why I had done it, but I couldnt help but feel that way. I had such high expectations. Of course, I began to be my positive self soon after. We raised $40 and that was $40 that they didn't have. I had another mom tell me that even though it was only 5 kids, that was 5 seeds that had been planted. After hearing that, I thought, "Brittany, what is wrong with you?? It is YOU that usually reminds people of planting the seeds. You did what you felt led to do, and so it didn't meet your expectations. Who cares!! It is way more than if it hadn't  been done at all. "So I let it go after 24 hours of sulking. I didnt like sulking. I never do it, and I dont think Ill start. Who wants to be around negativity??? Wow. So I am happy that I spent that money, time, and effort for a good cause. Not only will we send $40 to Susan G. Komen, and we planted seeds  in others to do good deeds, but I am keeping those things that I bought and decided to make it a tradition with Caden every year. We will set up our pink lemonade stand every October in our neighborhood, and my son and his friends will always know and see what it means to give back. Thank you to all that participated!!

My sweet boy also wore pink shirts to school last week to raise awareness.
This is his fake smile!

Showing off his Ben Ten watch!
(yard sale!)

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