Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The 1st of 2nd

I decided that since I waited so long to do the first day of school post, I might as well tell you about the entire first week. It didn't go as "routiney" as I had hoped, but we will get there. Betsy girl has been a huge distraction while we're eating breakfast, getting ready for school, as well as... homework time, dinner, and getting ready for bed. Basically, the whole time Caden is at home. I am going to leave her at Shane's house this weekend and hope that next week goes better.

The Thursday before school started, we went to the school to help Caden's teacher, Mrs. Kimber, get parent packets ready for our Meet the Teacher that night. Caden brought these goodies that he made for his new classmates. I am not that creative, these were one of my first Pinterest projects. (I have been trying a few recipes too!)
We're O-Fish-ally in 2nd Grade!

The first day of school, we ran a little behind. I didn't take any pictures with my camera, only my phone. That makes me sad. This is also the first year that Caden was not excited about starting school. My baby is growing up too fast. We took pictures with his previous teachers, as well as his new teacher. I am sure that it is so aggravating having a mom like me that takes pictures every day of the week of everything we do.

This is our traditional picture that we take every year.
He looks like he has already taken enough pictures,
 but I was just getting started!

His pre-k teacher, Mrs. Pittman

K teacher, Mrs. Buttram

1st grade, Mrs. Cleveland

So during my lunch visit with Caden, my phone kept telling me that it needed space. So I deleted some of his games. One being Angry Birds. Opps! I do not play it, because I do not need to become addicted to anything else! He was very, very upset, because he had made it to a certian level that he would have to re-do if we downloaded it again. That did not make for a happy Caden, or any other smiles for Mama.

These are his "First day of School" photos with his new teacher! Please check out that face. I was tempted to delete them and try again the next time, but I guess I have to remember our mad times as well as our good ones. Poor Mrs. Kimber! 

I was proud that he ate all of his lunch, which he never does.

When he gets home, he comes to my office for a snack and to do his homework. This day he didn't have anything except a sheet I wrote out for him to match his vocabulary words to the definitions. The other kids come in after school sometimes too. I give them a snack and let them watch cartoons, but only if their homework is finished!

One day, Caden slept from 4:30- 6:30. Betsy tried to wake him up! I was so scared that he would not go to bed that night, but he went to bed at 8:30! However, he was up at 5AM the next morning!

This is and example of Betsy being a distraction! Caden was picking on her, poor thing!

He even blindfolded her with toilet paper.

On Friday morning, we were so happy to have Shane with us before school! They both still look so sleepy! After dropping Caden off at school, we went to sign him up for flag football! It was an interesting first week, but we made it through! Today he has his first spelling and reading test, we have been studying a lot so he should do very well! Also, I do not stay at the school all day long everyday! I always help his K teacher the first week of school. I also have taken on the reponsibility of the Box Top coordinator in PTO. Save those Box Tops! Each one earns 10 cents for your school, our school gets at least $2000 a year from them!


Blissfully Burton said...

what an adorable idea with the fishies!

Brittany said...

Thank you! I had to give pinterest credit! and thank you for your last comment on thankful Thursday...I wasn't able to respond!