Saturday, August 13, 2011

Golf with my Guys

As I've mentioned many times, Caden has yet to find his "thing". A hobby he loves and can't wait to do. He enjoys riding bikes, so we've thought about BMX. He likes throwing the football, so we're signing him up for flag football this week. We will continue with boy scouts this year to teach him more "boy things" that his mommy isn't so good at. Other options we have thought about are tennis, swim team (which I loved when I was his age, just a little too demanding on me with all the travel), and then there's golf. I have always loved when a guy plays golf! Not too sure why, it's just so attractive to me! It may be the attire, ha! Anyways, I read somewhere that children with ADHD do better with individual sports rather than team sports. This may be true, we have never tried anything but team sports.

Shane plays golf ;), so when we decided to come see him at the last minute yesterday, he suggested that we go to a driving range with him so that Caden could at least watch and maybe he could show him a few things. I thought that was a great idea and was excited about it all day. When we got here, Caden had just woke up from a nap in the car. He was grumpy and wanted to go eat. We couldnt go eat first, because then it would be too dark. Of course, he insisted that he didn't want to go to the driving range. On our way, Caden saw a McDonalds billboard for a smoothie. That is all we heard about after that..."I want a smoothie". I had a pep talk after we got there about how much fun it was going to be and how thankful we are that we have Shane to show him cool guy things, but if he didnt want to hit he could just watch. It took about two times of watching Shane and he was right up there with him wanting to try it. The rest of the time, he had nothing but a smile on his sweet face and enjoyed hitting with Shane.

Lord, I know I am partial, but is he not the most handsome little golfer you have ever seen?! I better watch out for the girls like me that love golfers! ha! I was so happy that he enjoyed himself, and really hope that he grows to like it more. I know he will probably learn more when it is just him and Shane without me. Right before we left, we saw a billboard right as you turn in to the parking lot with none other than a McDonalds smoothie on it. We headed to Outback and got him a frozen drink and he was one happy little guy! (So is his Mama!)

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Blissfully Burton said...

how sweet! and they kind of look like they match! :) I love golfers, too! What a great sport to get him in...teaches great confidence!