Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beachy Day

So I know I said that this was our last trip to Mom's for the summer, but we just couldn't help but to squeeze in one more before school started back! So last weekend we made a very quick trip down. We arrived Friday night and we were so happy to see our sweet girl that waited up past her bedtime to welcome us with so many hugs, kisses, and squeals!
I missed her!!

They sure love their TaTa

Cousin love!

The next morning Mama and I got up and went to a few yard sales. We didn't have much luck, except a few books I got for Caden and a friend for $.50. Then we stopped by Krispy Kreme for a dozen of the best donuts ever!

We all loaded up and went to the place we visited last time that was shaded very well under a bridge. The kids had so much fun there last time, however this time when we arrived, we quickly noticed these guys everywhere.

Not sure if you can tell,
but there are eight lined up along the shore

That was enough to keep us from spending our day here! As we looked around, we noticed these hermit crabs on the wall. I have never seen one except for pets in the little cages! After that we saw a really big crab crawling out from under the wall. No way was I get close enough to catch a picture!

Hermit crabs

Palyn waiting

We have talked about taking Caden on the Pirate Ship Tour, and one passed by while we were out.

We decided to spend the day at the pool instead. When we made our way back to our cars, Shane's car wouldn't crank. We were all so confused, because the radio and lights would turn on, but it was acting like the battery was dead. He tried everything he could and we ended up calling someone out. I was so impressed with Shane's attitude and patience. He stayed calm and never got mad, even though his car is only 1 year old and he shouldn't have any problems with it. These are all reasons that I love this man! I am very impatient, which then turns to irritability. The help he called was going to be about 45 minutes, so we walked to another area and played in the water a little. I could not believe that all they did was jump off the battery, there were so many signs that it wasnt the battery. (He had it checked out when we got home and all is good now.)

We knew just what we needed after waiting our in the hot sun. So we stopped here on our way back...

They both had strawberry cheesecake, please excuse a little drippage!

I had, well I forgot the name of it! But it was some kind of chocolate with reese's in it!

We spent a few hours at the pool relaxing and playing before getting ready to go and eat. Mom had to work that night, so we wanted to visit her at Lulu's. We were going to snap just a few pics before leaving, and I loved that Palyn ran up in our family photo like she didnt want to be left out! (Ignore the backgrounds, these were just quick little snapshots!)

Someone is starting to pose like his Mama! uh oh!

At Lulu's

Palyn with her real mommy!:)

Playing in the sand

The beginning of his castle he was building

I was so surprized at how awesome he was at hula hooping! ha!

Couldnt love these two any more!

Caden was so upset that someone knocked over his castle :(

In deep conversation, I love that they love each other!

Shane and I were so lucky to be able to go back to the beach that night by ourselves! It was so nice to have a little quite time with each other and talk about so many things without interruptions! I almost blinded him with my phone's flash!

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