Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lake Love

This past weekend, we were able to stay at our friend David's (parents) lakehouse. We have been looking forward to it all summer! Two of our friends werent able to come, so we missed them being there. We all met up on Friday evening to buy up the groceries, then we made our way to the house. That evening, we grilled chicken and steak. We got everything settled, then played a few card games before bed. Saturday morning, we got up and enjoyed a pancake breakfast made by none other than our lovely men! Then we finally got out on the water!
What sweethearts we have!!

Thanks guys!!

Headed to get the boats from the marina

Not too proud of this bod, but were working on it!!

Emmie, Me, and Julie

Shane and I tubing

They tried so hard to throw us off! They never succeeded,
 however, we were all broken down the next day!!

Emmie and I were so tired after a long day on the water, and tubing wore us out even more!

I asked Shane if we could have this house! ha! It even had an Auburn flag!

This was so relaxing!

Pretty sunset, and pretty Emmie!

That night, we were all so tired! The guys cooked us hamburgers while we all showered. After dinner, we all went straight to bed. Sunday morning, Shane and I cooked eggs, bacon, and biscuits. We ate breakfast on the patio before getting out on the water one last time. We didnt touch the tubes this day! Instead, we found a few spots and floated around in the water.
David and Julie

Enjoyed a lot of girl time this weekend!

We had a great weekend and have talked about making it a tradition, so that no matter where we move, or how many kids we have, we all end up spending one weekend here out of the summer! I really hope it works out!! Emmie had more good pictures on her camera that I may share later, these were all from my phone! Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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