Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fish, Foam, and Farewells

On Sunday morning, we stopped by this shop. Caden and I each got a pair of shoes that we thought would be good for Disney.

Check them out in their "flair hair"

Didn't take long for this baby girl to need a little nap!

Caden was trying so hard to catch a little fishy in his bucket. Shane was hoping he wouldn't, only because he knew Caden would want to take it home and have a new pet.

Well, he caught one and was so very happy! Until it died, and we had to put him back in the water.

We walked up to The Hangout to get a little lunch. When it was foam time, the kids took no time to jump in!

Caden begged to do this jumpy thing the past few times we've been here, so we let him try it this time.

Looks like little Miss Palyn wanted to try for herself!

I caught this sign on the way out and thought it was cute!

Another great weekend, I'm sure this will be the last time on the beach with this beautiful summer weather. We are thinking maybe a little trip for a Thanksgiving dinner in November!

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