Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Only the Beginning

The paintings that Caden and I did this past Saturday, along with some friends, are only the beginning of what our lives will now be.....divided during football season! Instead of us rushing to sign up to paint our beloved mascot "Aubie", we had to reserve two spots and also paint "Big Al".

Auburn- Caden and I

Alabama- Shane

As I've told you before, neither of us are such die hard fans that we will fight over a game. But, neither one of us will swap teams either. I do know that I will have some angry fan friends with me during this season. Probably will say that I am a trader or not being true to my team, since I will be going to Alabama games with him. But I just cant hate something that he loves when I love him so much!! I will also drag him to an Auburn game though!!

Karlee and Caden

Roll Tide and War Eagle!

(I cant believe I just said that!)

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