Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday Night TV

So it appears that I may be the only one on this planet that does not tune into this on Thursday nights...
Jersey Shore

(Please do not take offense to is only my opinion!)

It seems to be all I hear about from everybody! My fb feed blows up on a Thursday with "T-shirt time" and "GTL" and probably many more of their commonly used phrases that I dont get! I think it is like the 4 or 5 season and I have still never watched more than about 10 minutes of it and so I am definately not judging. Nothing about the show seems appealing to me, however with so many of my friends living for this on Thursday nights, I cant help but wonder what its all about! The biggest shock to me is which of my friends are posting about it! It a lot of times it is the grown women that I can never picture following the lifestyle of those on this show! So let me know guys...if I give it a chance, will I be addicted as well? FYI, I have never been big on bandwagon books or movies, such as Twilight or Harry Potter. I havent given either of those a chance either! Again, I am not bashing anyone or this show, just wondering if I am alone watching these shows on Thursday night instead of Jeresey Shore....

Sweet Home Alabama is definately more my style! It is a little cheesy, but what dating show isnt? A gorgeous, sweet, southern girl is having to choose between country and city guys. She is from Alabama and represents our state well! I am definately pulling for the country boys!

Now Texas Women, it is a country version of the drama filled Real Housewives. I watch it, but it doesnt keep me sitting at the TV on a Thursday evening if something else needs to be done!

I will leave with the confession that I am a sucker for The Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad! Now I am sure many of you have your own opinions about those!!

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