Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Learning at the Library

When Caden was about four, we started going to the library about once every two weeks. That is how long the books are allowed to be checked out. I check out books for Caden to read to me and then books for me to read to him. I always thought Caden would pick out his own books, however, to this day, he goes straight to the computer to play the learning games. He stays there until I tell force him to leave!
These two pictures tell me I should do some serious work on his posture!

Since I am stuck picking out all of his books to read to me and take AR test on, I usually try to stay with a theme. At first it was whichever holiday may be coming up, or something that we may be doing soon. (circus, camping, baseball, dentist, etc.) But as soon as he started school, I started sticking with the unit themes of his class. (transportation, safety, weather, community helpers, etc.) When we were at the library last week, I thought it was a good time for him to get his own library card. I am hoping to teach him a little responsibility with it, even though it will remain in my wallet until time to check out!

I love when I get pictures that show his "baby face"!

Big boy taking his books home!
Even though he has no idea what I've picked out for him!

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