Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chef Mickey's

While making our reservations, this was the first table service meal that we reserved. We knew that booking character meals would cut down on waiting in lines to meet characters. Chef Mickey's includes the Fab 5 (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto), we reserved it as our b-fast (10:30) on our first park day. It was kind of funny because the week before leaving for Disney, I read that it is best to do it as your first meal on your first day to satisfy your child's need for character time early. CM is located in the Contemporary resort and we left Magic Kingdom in enough time to make it there by the monorail. (You will definitely need to make reservations here and all other table service meals to guarantee a spot) We went right it with no wait. After taking the photo that almost all of the restaurants take and then come by later and try to sell you. They were cute, but we passed on that purchase. I was so glad we were there for breakfast! I love b-fast food! They had everything you could ever want for b-fast too! Mickey shaped waffles, all sorts of pancakes, french toast (my fave), b-fast potatoes, eggs, omelets, biscutis and gravy, bacon, sausage, on and on and on all at a buffet. Praise God for the free meal plan, because even though Caden only ate watermelon and bacon, the bill for the four of us was around $100!! You  are still responsable for the 18% grat.

Caden was taking a picture of Pluto,
but look at that sweet little girl giving him a birthday cupcake!

They also sign autographs while at your table.

Minnie is my favorite!

Mom and Minnie

Patiently waiting on his favorite, Goofy.

He made every character that he met at Disney pose for his own picture!!

One fun thing that they do at CM is that all of the servers and guest break out into dance and begin twirling their napkins above their heads. You and your family should join in on the fun! Come on, it wont hurt you to be a kid and let yours see you having as much fun as they are!

If you need any more details or tips on Chef Mickey's (or everything else Disney) you can visit THIS awesome blog that I found only 1 week before our trip. Mercy, I wish I would have found it earlier!

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