Saturday, September 24, 2011

Magic Kingdom 1

I managed to rush everyone enough to make it to Magic Kingdom before opening. They made fun of me all week for keeping us on schedule. I was not one that had an hour by hour itinerary; however, we had meal, show and parade times that we did not want to miss and SOMEONE had to keep  us moving along! Ive heard before that some people will leave from a week at Disney and feel like they got nothing done, I refused to be those people! Anyways, it was so exciting making our way to the entrance! We went through the bag check, which you need to have all of your zippers unzipped before its your turn btw, then through the ticket gate, and waited for the Welcome Show.

Oh yeah!

Mama made so much fun of me for standing like this!
I was going over the map!

Welcome show

All of the characters rode in on a train

There they are! This was the first time we were able to see the characters, how exciting!

There is no way to describe the way you feel when you turn that corner onto Main St. and see this castle!

Our first ride at Disney was the teacups!

Then we walked right into Buzz Lightyear ride

Caden became a HUGE fan of Stitch while we were there. We think it is because Stitch was sad that he didnt have a stitch pin. After that Caden got a Stitch pin and a plush toy.

Astro Orbiter

You wouldnt believe that we walked right on Space Mountian, since it is one of the most popular rides. Caden was scared to ride it, but I knew if I let him get away with not riding then he would never ride anything. After we rode it, I felt kinda bad for making him since he was in a cart by himself. I know I baby him too much sometimes.

We did all of those before 10am, and then we were on the monorail, en route to Chef Mickey's

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