Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Ready for Disney

We didn't have as long as some families to plan out our Disney vacation. We booked in June to go in September. Right away I got the "Disney Fever" and Im pretty sure I was one of the annoying facebook friends that post every detail leading up to the trip, even though I tried not to be! I began buying everything that was Mickey related, because I knew it would all cost a lot there. Besides, anyone can tell you that I am a pretty festive girl anyways! Remember me telling you about how I announced to Caden that we were going? That's where my obsession began.
I made this cute little thing from the Disney website!

My mom bought Caden this water bottle

What Disney bound mom could pass up this handwash from target?!

We put together this Disney puzzle with most of the characters, and began ordering all of the classics from Netflix so that Caden would be refreshed on everyone he would be seeing

I ordered his pin starter collection and autograph book online from Disney. (the pins have to be from Disney to trade them) I was a no shipping special so they cost the same as in the shops there.

We ordered our Mickey's Not- So- Scary- Halloween party tickets
(you have to go to it if you there during this time!)

And I statrted a countdown for Caden the week we were leaving,
here he is with one more day!

We left Sylacauga for Disney on Friday, Sept. 9. After Caden got home from school, we were off to Pratville to get with Shane. After loading it all up, printing off last minute confirmations, and double checking everything, we made our way down to Foley to pick up my mom. This time the 3 hour drive there felt like nothing, knowing that it was not even close to what we were about to drive to Orlando. Sweet Palyn greeted us, as always with her sweet smiles and giggles! We spent a few hours hanging out and sitting around before the second part of our drive. We left her house around midnight and expected to arrive around 8am.
Sweet girl wanted to go with us, and cried when we left!
I love her, but nothing could make me take a two year old that isnt my own to Disney.
Have you seen a Disney tantrum???

Were here!!
At almost exactly 8am!

If all of these next few posts bore you, forgive me! I have to remember all of these details!! There are some pretty amazing ones!

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Susannah said...

Ahhhh!!! We are going this Sunday for the whole week! I can't wait!! Love your blog by the way... :)