Monday, September 26, 2011

Dreams Come True

We went back to relax a little after Chef Mickey's, because we knew it would be a late night watching Wishes. (the firework show in front of the castle). When we returned we made our way through Adventureland and Frontierland, and later had dinner at Pacos Bill's. I heard Pacos Bills was a really good place for a quick service meal, not sure why because we were all a little disappointed.

Me with Walt and Minnie

Capt Jack Sparrow giving Pirate Lessons

Caden was scared to death of Thunder Mtn.
Not sure why since he has ridden roller coaster before at Six Flags.
Mom took our picture here, before I knew what was to come later that night!

These next photos are from the Dreams Come True show in front of the castle, it was so cute and fun!!

Caden became obsessed with his pin trading.His starter set came with 4 and Mom bought him 2 more. They begin at $6.95 and go up. Be careful because his kept falling off. He actually lost one and had to have it replaced. You should make a new hole in the back rather than using the hole that is already there.

His first trade!

This show was cute!

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