Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hollywood Studios 1

Our Monday at Disney didn't start out so well. My mom and I had a little spat because she was thinking I was being too hard on Caden. That is all grandparents, right? I do agree with her to a point, which is why I got so upset. However, she is not with him everyday. When I get mad/upset, the best thing for that person to do is to not say anything else to me until I am ok again. I have really bad word vomit when I am upset, but if I am left alone, I can cool off and think about the situation. Before long, I am fine again. Now don't get the wrong idea and think I go crazy and hit people or use awful language or anything, my problem is more of my attitude with the words I use. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I am honest on my blog, and do not want my readers to think I am pretending my life is always smiles and giggles and perfect in every way. My attitude when I am upset, along with my patience with Caden's behavior are the two things that I struggle with and all I can do is pray about them. You can say a prayer for me too if you don't mind!

When asking about Hollywood Studios, I was told that upon entering, Shane must run to the right and grab a fast pass for Toy Story Mania while I run with Caden to sign him up for Jedi training. (Caden had to be present with me while I signed him up) This was great advice, and if we were there any other time of the year, I would have done exactly that. However, we were there during a perfect time where we could pretty much walk on every ride with little wait. (Sept. 10-17, in case you were wondering) So we went over to sign up Caden for Jedi training, and then rode Star Tours. I think that this was one of his favorite rides, although he was a little scared at first. It was 3d and very fun! Here is the rest of our day....

written in the sky

Toy Story Soldier

I tried to get him to look like he was scared of the claw!

We caught the end of the parade, but was sure to catch the entire thing on Thursday.

We watched the Little Mermaid and
The Beauty and the Beast

Caden napped during this show

This was cute!

We had lunch at the 50's Primetime Cafe

It was set up so cute, just like a house from the 50's.
All of the servers were in character, although ours (not above) wasn't fun at all. I was sad to hear such fun stories from others experiences when ours was just boring and to the point. oh well!

This is a table like the one we ate at, cute!

Yes, those are random people that I took a picture of!!
We played at the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground

Shane and I wore our "Just Engaged" pins!

Hello, I am NOT trying to pose like a Baywatch Babe!

We headed out early on this night, knowing that we another day to finish up the things we didnt get to do.

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