Monday, September 5, 2011

Our first Gameday

We went over to my dad's to watch the Alabama and Auburn games before lunch, but when Shane picked me up, look what he had for me!!

Flowers in Auburn colors! Sweet man!

My aunts and uncles were in town from Georgia, so they were all able to meet Shane and fall in love with him!:) Alabama and Auburn both won, although it was a close call for the Tigers. I am prepared to not be cocky this year! I told Shane that I had a good plan for which team gets to rock the front door each year. Whichever team won the Iron Bowl the previous year wins the front door! That means this year it should have orange and blue, and probably next year would be the crimson and houndstooth! Good plan, huh?! He isnt hooked yet, but I am trying! Hope you all had a great first gameday!

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