Friday, September 23, 2011

Downtown Disney

After a few hours at the pool, we loaded up on the bus and made our way to Downtown Disney. We didn't want to use a park ticket on the arrival day, so that's why we decided to relax, recover from the drive, and check everything out (which I highly recommend). This would also be a great time for me to tell you about Caden's camera. Although a lot of sites recommended to get your child a disposable camera for the trip, I did not remember until the day before to get him one. When we were at Shane's he ended up giving Caden a camera that he had from a few years ago that he had not ever used. Caden thought it was the greatest thing ever to have his very own camera. Throughout our stay at Disney, Caden always made sure he had his camera ready. It was so neat to see the things that caught his little eyes that we might normally not see. We would be walking somewhere and he would just stop in the middle and start snapping! I am so glad that he had his own camera! I am pretty sure it taught him a little more responsibility too!I cant wait to get the pictures back. I bought him his own album to put his pictures in! I plan to do a seperate post with pictures from his camera!

Waiting to go to dtown disney

Had to take a picture with the parrots!
(Shane's last name)

One of the first things he spotted with his camera!

We caught a little princess parade!! so adorable!

We had lunch at Planet Hollywood and admired all of their movie memorabilia.

This Trex restuarant was highly recommended by friends,
 as well as the Rainforest Cafe

And the best of all my friends,

Lego Woody

This looks like a Lego Brittany and Shane to me!!

We picked up a few goodies for his Lego bday party next weekend.

Lego Disney family

Me with Sleeping Beauty statue

Mom with Cinderella statue

Caden was in the BEST mood on this day!
It was like he was a different child!!

Look how silly?!

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