Monday, September 5, 2011

GA's Christmas in August

I have been helping a little with our GA's group at church on Wednesday evenings. The theme last month was Christmas in August and they were sending small gifts to the missionaries that they learn about. The week before we were suppose to have them their Christmas Party, we came up with an idea that was completely thrown together, but turned out so wonderful! We had them put a memo in the Sunday bulletin inviting the church  to come for Cmas cookies after the Wednesday night prayer service. We also asked them to bring any donations from a list of things that the missionaries needed. My friend, April and I decorated a little room on Tuesday with what little Cmas decor we could find right now. The girls dipped premade cookies in chocolate and decorated them with sprinkles. As the church came in the girls thanked them for coming and placed all of the donations in a box beside the Christmas tree. They were precious!

I am not going to lie, I got teary eyed watching this!

We reminded the girls that they were "doing work in the church", just as they say in their pledge every week!

The girls saying "thank you!"

Love these girls!

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