Monday, September 5, 2011

Edwards Wedding

I love a good wedding! And this one surely was just that! Aside from Jessica being one of the most beautiful brides ever, these two love each other so much that it is just contagious! Jessica and Hunter have been together since high school, so this was a day that been a long time coming. Everything was beautiful and perfect. A wedding every little girl would hope for. I even share some of her ideas for a wedding someday! One of my favortie parts of a wedding is getting to see everyone that you haven't in awhile. It is so much fun catching up with friends!
Shane and Me

Julie, Crystal, and Me

Julie and David

I had to keep these two seperated all night because their shirts were just too close! Once I almost grabbed David's arm thinking it was Shane's!! opps!

Look how gorgeous and happy they were!!
Jessica and Hunter

Julie, Michelle, and Me

We love a photo booth!

Julie and Me again!

Me and Jenna!

I fell in love with this drink, which is apparently an Alabama fan drink??!! I would go to the Bama games just for this drink! ha! Just hope it doesn't turn you into a Bama fan!!