Monday, February 6, 2012

Circus 2012

This year, Shane joined Caden and me for the circus. We have been almost every year, but with us moving, and Caden getting older, I figured this may be the last year for a while. The theme this year was "Dragons". It was one of the best I have seen in awhile, and we had great seats in the lower center level. My favorite is always the acrobats. I am amazed at all of the awesome tricks they can pull! Especially one, holding a lady up just by her hair....craaaazy!! Call me cheap, but I always let Caden bring his light saber in so that we dont spend $767598324 on a light up toy. After seeing these pictures, Shane may agree that this will be our last year for awhile! He is so much fun! I was excited to be able to attend FBOG that morning. Although, we had to leave after Sunday school to make it on time, I hated to miss the message.

An act, taken with my phone

Our Circus Family!
Sorry Shane!

Caden on a circus motorcycle.

Watching a little pre show from up on Shane's shoulders!

Clown noses, am I the only one smiling?
This is usually Caden's fave!

Meeting a clown

We brought Caden in these sour "cry baby" candies, attempting to avoid the $10 snacks as well!


It was a great show! We stopped for dinner on our way home, and then Shane had to head back to Pville. I hope you all enjoyed the circus this year!!

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