Saturday, February 18, 2012

Magic Kingdom 2

By our last day at Disney, Mom and Shane were about ready to head home. I on the other hand, could have stayed another week! And yes, with the Not So Scary Halloween party being that night, we all got a little festive! Laugh if you want, but you know you would be in the Disney spirit with your baby too!!

Mama, Daisy, and Me

Had to ride Dumbo

Its a Small World

Pirates League
(a post of its own coming soon!)

I will admit, I was guilty of snapping a character shot when there wasn't time to wait in the line!!:)

Waiting to eat at Crystal Palace,
Caden shared some of his pirate gear with Shane!
And then passed out!


Caden and I left lunch to catch the parade, this was such a great parade with all of the main Disney characters! The parades were one of my favorite parts about Disney!
Lilo and Stitch

Caden was thrilled to get a high five from Stitch!

These two need no introduction!

Playing with Caden


Princess Tiana
Back to lunch with Piglet

Crystal Palace

Disney was so nice in the fall. I loved all of the decor!
The weather and crowds could not be any better any other time of the year.
(Sept 10-17)

See Ya Real Soon!

Shane and I stopped for a little posing in the gift shop!!

We then all tried to rest up for the Halloween party!!

2 more Disney post!! Pirates League and Halloween party!

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