Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday- Dresses

I just loved looking at wedding dresses and deciding which dress I liked the best. My mom and I went shopping for dresses in November. We went to I do Bridal and Formals in Mobile, AL. When Bonnie there asked my style, I showed her pictures in my wedding book. She loved that I was a "fun, out side of the box" bride. She asked my budget, and after telling her, she showed me which area of the store to shop in and which to aviod. I love that she would never have me fall in love with a dress that was outside of my budget. She had me pick 5 and she picked 5. I knew that my dress was going to be in her choices. Especially after I was taking a bit too long and she said, "It's ok, that you're still looking, but YOUR dress in already in there waiting on you. I took off to find the dress to call my own! After trying on the first dress, I was a little disappointed because I didnt "feel" anything. It just felt like I was in a dressing room, trying on a regular dress. I thought something was wrong with me for not being excited any more than I was. Same with the second, although it was a little better. But ohhhhhhh the third. I got a little hot, and little shaky, and couldn't stop smiling. Bonnie was standing in front of me, bless her heart, because I grabbed her shoulders and began shaking her (gently, of course). This was it! I think she thought so too! Ha! This is the one that made my Mama tear up and when my cousin David, that lives in Mobile, came to meet us, made him stop and smile. (David and I have been the closest growing up) The rest that I tried on never gave me the same feeling. This dress is definately outside of the box, like she said before. I was so excited to Say Yes to the Dress!! Of course I can't show you the one, but below are ones that I love as well.

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