Thursday, July 5, 2012

Honeymoon Day 4

On this day, I woke up a good bit earlier than Shane. I took out my book for the first time of our trip and began with my thoughtful, prayerful, hour. The Power of a Praying Wife was given to me a few months ago, but I had to finish my read of that moment. I listened to Power of a Praying Parent on cd in my car a few months ago (cd? dork.). LOVED IT! I was very into the first chapter of this book, "His Wife". It takes thought and breaks you down. Many may begin the book looking to change her husband from the little things that aggravate her. But first we must come before God with a clean heart to ask him anything. We basically need to take a good look in the mirror, and ask to help change ourselves and then we can pray for the husbands. I loved that her advice to all new wives was to not come into the marriage with ANY expectations, then you will not be disappointed.

When Shane woke up, we had breakfast at the Lobster House and this was our incredible view.

Remember, I told you that we were in Excellence Club, which meant we had a few VIP perks? 2 of those perks meant having a private pool and beach for EC members. When you entered the area, they brought your towels to you and got you all set up with a choice of books, mags, and drinks. So nice to be waited on!!

At the resort, you could also have a pizza baked in this brick oven just for you! Shane and I split a BBQ pizza for lunch.

Following our pizza, we played a little BINGO!

Even when you won, you still had to do a little dance, like this guy, to claim your prize!

Couples hydro therapy and massages is how we spent our afternoon!!
They were ahhhhhhhh mazing!!!!! I must admit I am a little spoiled and looking forward to the next spa day!!

That evening we were ready to return to Spice, the wonderful Asian restuarant we had the previous night. We were having the Habachi bar and it was the best decision of the trip!! (Aside from the spa!)

Catch it babe!!

HILARIOUS! I obviously missed!!

I look like I feel so bad for her!!

We witnessed a little deal making for NFL football teams. We dont have NFL in Bama, JUST AL/AU and trust me, that is ENOUGH!!

Fried Ice Cream for dessert?!

Now why was that the best decision of the trip, you ask?!!

Because we made WONDERFUL friends!!!
We ended the night at a little dance club. So much in one day made for the one of THE BEST DAYS!!

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