Friday, July 13, 2012

Our 4th of July

On our 4th of July, we went to spend the day swimming with Shane's family.

After a wonderful day and great food, we went to the Lake Martin Amphitheater to watch fireworks. They also had a stage set up with a great band and fun contests.

We rode this golf cart shuttle there from our truck and Caden insisted on riding in the very back.

Bless Shane, I kept laughing at him for wearing his cut off shirt!!
He wears these around the house and to cut grass in!
The weather was great that evening, it was not too hot and there was a great breeze.

Waiting on the firework show!

After the fireworks, a lot of people were leaving. But the band kept playing, so we all hung out a while longer and let the traffic die down! We went down and danced a bit in front of the stage.

Caden and Shelton kept eye-ing these two pretty girls. They offered to take a pic with them and Caden took off!!

I was loving the cute singer's outfit! So festive!

I really enjoyed this 4th with our family! It was something I would def like to do again next year!:)

I wrote out all of our "Thank You's" here...didnt want you to think I forgot the reason for the holiday!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like y'all had a fun Fourth!
I've have LOVED all of your posts recently, keep them coming!