Saturday, July 7, 2012

Honeymoon Day 6

We knew that we wanted to make a trip in to town, but wasnt sure which day. Then, we made plans with our new friends to all go together. But not before filling up on the wonderful breakfast buffet!

I requested the tall red chair table!!

The view from outside the resort

Silly Bride waiting on our ride!

Our trip into town-
Aldo was a great photo bomber!

Our first stop we in the downtown market area-
this is where we bought all of our gifts for the fams.
Shane looked so cute counting out the pesos!

We played around outside while waiting on our tour van to cool off!

Our next stop was in a mall, that was very "American-ized".

We wanted something more authentic for lunch but the tour guide insisted he take us to Senor Frogs.
Yeah, were pretty sure he gets a little something extra for taking us there. The smell there was AWFULLL and we were ready to head back to our fancy resort, even though it meant skipping out on the third stop!
We did get these little margaritas to start out with though!

Then the clown made us hats and someone else made us name tags that may not be appropriate for the family blog!

We southern ladies, on the right, taught sweet Laura-from Washington, on the left, all about monogramming, pinterest, and saying "bless your heart". By the end of the trip, She was saying, "Bless her heart" all the time!!

We came back to our room to find this little guy!

They actually had a towel-animal making class that I joked with Shane about taking and making him little animals back home!! ha!

And this ^ is where we spent our afternoon!

When I was bathing suit shopping, Shane joked that I didn't need one because we were going to a nude beach. ha! Yeah right! Turns out we did have two topless ladies prancing around!

What a nice way to end our last day!
I finished this night in another post, didnt want to have an overload of pics!

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