Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday- The Cakes

I loved the look of the 3 cakes. I think they were, as my cake lady said, "the different look, without being too overboard". My step mother and grandmother, Helen, added the flowers and the backdrop. 

Loved them!
2 were wedding cake flavor and one was strawberry.

The mercury/silver candle holders were my star prize from Mary Kay and the jeweled photo clips were a Cmas gift from my Aunt Karen and Uncle Joe.
We used them to add a few baby photos of us.

This is the best pic I can find right now of his golfing grooms table.

We removed the "cake" sign before the ceremony began.
The siver vase in the middle is full of tees, they were also on the table.

I thought this was too funny!
His was chocolate.

This bronze statue sits in our living room. He has had it and a matching elephant (Bama) since he moved in the house.

Moss monogram above his table

basket full of golf balls

Our cakes tasted fabulous and as most weddings have a ton of cake left over, we did not! We were able to bring our top layer home and a little to share and eat during the week!

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