Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lacey's Beach Weekend

A few girlfriends and I made our way down to Panama City this past weekend looking for nothing more than relaxation before Lacey's wedding. I am pretty sure that we wished a little too hard, because it rained the entire first day! Friday morning, we had breakfast at a small bakery, called Andy's. SO so good! I had never been there before, but it will def be a "go to" place everytime I go back. That entire day, we did nothing but lay around and nap while it rained. The other girls didnt mind that with all three of their noses buried in 50 shades. Finally, we headed out for dinner at a place called the Capt's Table. We had about an hour wait and then I tried amberjack for the first time. I am trying to branch out, yall! I just started liking seafood period, so I am trying something new each time! We were able to end the night with a trip down to the hot tub and a little too chatty security guard!

The prize I brought for Lacey!
Brides Magizine, Bride Wars, and a couple of ring pops

Crystal, Kiki, and I at dinner
(no, we didnt bother fixing up on this day!)

On Sat, we were so happy to see the sun out!

Silly me!

We spent the entire day at the pool, especially since the beach looked like this....
full of seaweed!!

We went up and got ready for dinner later that evening.
This is what they looked like the entire time!!

Lacey is getting married in two weeks! She refused to wear any of the gear I brought for her to wear!

Kiki and Lacey

When I was taking their pictures, Lacey kept asking me for just "headshots".
I gave her a headshot.

I love taking random pictures!

We had dinner at the Back Porch.
We are so wild, I am pretty sure you couldn't handle us!
We headed home after dinner!

On Sunday, we spent a few more hours at the pool before heading home. This was a wonderful relaxing girls weekend! Now, I have to squeeze into my bridesmaids dress for her wedding ekkkkk!!

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