Friday, July 6, 2012

Honeymoon Day 5

This morning we opted for our special "Honeymoon Bfast in Bed". How amazing does all of this look?! pancakes and bacon, omelets, fruit plates, and breads.  

 We met up with our friends and hung around the pool all day. We had a great time, while a few other couples on the other side of the pool were behaving a little more like they were on a spring break trip rather than their honeymoon. Wow, is right! We made our way down to the beach for a taco festival for lunch. Those were seriously some of the best tacos ever! One chicken and one steak, please! Please check out how awesome the decor was! I hope to somewhat re create it later!!

Shane and the other guys played a volleyball game on the beach while I napped under my hat, and the other girls chatted...all just another day in paradise!

We got all fixed up for Italian night!

Meet Charlie and Laura
From Washington State, they are just too cute and sweet! They were down for his 30th birthday! Quite a birthday trip!! I thought it was so sweet that he called her Princess and Sweetheart the entire trip, (and Shane took notes! JK!) So glad we met them and as crazy as it sounds, I hope we see them again!

 Meet Aldo and Lauren
 From Arkansas, OMG this girl should have been my sister! We had so much in common, seriously, everything we said the other was like, "me too!!" I am sure you have all had those moments, right?! We even had the same dress in a different color, ha! She and her new husband were honeymooners like us! They were Hilarious and so so much fun!! We are hoping to make the trip to AK for the AL/AK game and see them!!

We eneded the night early after watching a little of this circus show. It was cool, but we were worn out after a day in the sun!!

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